One of the best CBSE school in Nashik District | Rajiv Gandhi International School



Books :

  • Secondary Section : 11723 Books
  • Higher Secondary Section : 687 Books
  • Sponsored by Central Science : 428 Books

Newspapers :

  • Marathi : 10
  • Hindi : 01
  • English : 01

Cutting Project :

  • There are more than 25 collection cutting project.
  • 4 to 5 project for Teaching aids.
  • 10th and 12th subject wise set at Ideal answer books for the SSC and HSC students
Sr. No. Subject No. Of Books
1 English 1786
2 Hindi 1161
3 Marathi 345
4 Art / Craft 106
5 Maths 1069
6 EVS 559
7 Computer 965
8 Social Studies 449
9 Sanskrit 229
10 Sport 11
Total No. of Books 6680


As a part of Gathering there is competition by the library

  • Shaba Koda Spardha : This competition is for 5th, 6th and 9th.
  • Shaba Khoda Spardha : It is for 7th and 8th. They have to find out the word and tell the name at diction where they find.
  • Sandarbh Shoud Spardha : They have to find out the subject or question and the name of book, page no. and write.
  • Smaran Shakti Spardha : It is for the students of 5th. They have to memorise the books and other thing and tell.

As the student has acquired dominance over essential ideas basic each branch of knowledge in the essential years, the student is presently prepared to meet the afflictions of the scholastic program in the auxiliary segment lined up with the CBSE Examinations. The center movements to confidence and activity with intentional, objective coordinated help by the educator. In this way, openings are made for addressing, enquiry, discussion, reflection and profound plunging into the ideas.


Coordination and transformation of the best accessible global instructing and learning rehearses

  • Student-centric approach
  • Enquiry-based teaching-learning
  • Hands-on active learning
  • Real-life connect and experiential learning
  • Technology integration for blended learning
  • Investigation, experimentation and demonstration
  • Interdisciplinary approach
  • Differentiation, scaffolding and remediation


The evaluations are very much lined up with the most recent CBSE declarations and rules in order to consolidate :

  • Periodic Tests, Half yearly and Annual Examinations ( Classes VI- IX)
  • Periodic Tests and Pre Boards ( Class X)
  • Multiple Assessments
  • Subject Enrichment Activities
  • Portfolio